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zhejiang Meenyu can Industry CO., LTD.

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 Meenyu Can, located in Quzhou City, Zhejiang province, China.

 We are blessed with an excellent technique team engaged in researching, developing

 and manufacturing high quality of tinplate two-piece cans, refrigerant  filling aerosol can and other types of cans and bottles, aerosol can series valve cap

 all kinds of small packaging aerosol valve cap. Our core competencies are 200g -1000g  two-piece cans and aerosol valve cap.


 With International Advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, we build multi-strip  Automatic production lines for two-piece cans and aerosol valve cap. And we also have  developed a complete, reliable and scientific production process. Strict quality  management system makes our product is excellence in quality.


 Quality is our culture and Satisfaction guaranteed is our Philosophy. It is certain that long  mutual-trust cooperation with our clients from home and abroad results in mutual benefit  bright future.



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